Year 6 in pictures

Betty Bus!

5th October 2017 - A great day, learning all about the body. Here's what we have to say about it...

"I felt less comfortable at the start of the lesson, but by the end I felt more confident. It was a great experience!"

"I was nervous but it reassured me a lot. The Betty Bus gave me lots of advice."

"I had an amazing time and learned so much! They had fun activities where we learnt lots of facts."

"At first I was nervous about the Betty Bus and I didn't know much about it, but at the end I really enjoyed it!"

"It definitely made me more comfortable. Thank you!"


Oliver’s chocolate party - Thursday 9th November

Year 6 had a great afternoon today with Oliver Dunn, a chocolatier. We kicked started our maya chocolate unit by learning about where chocolate comes from, how the maya used to drink it and all about how it gets from bean to bar. We also made our own emoji lollies and created our own designs whilst getting very messy! Have a look at our pictures below.




Tennis with Alex

Every Monday, Alex - a tennis coach- is coming in to teach us lots of new skills. 


Antibullying- There’s only one you

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