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Sports Day


After last year's cancellation due to COVID, we final returned to the playground and track for our annual Sports Day. This year was still slightly different however. Children competed in Bubbles rather than as a whole school and no spectators we allowed in. As a result Sport Day became Sports Days but the more relaxed feel to the event was enjoyed by all the children who took part.

Over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week the children first competed in 4 outdoor events. The beanbag throw, the standing long jump, the javelin and the speed bounce. Scores we added up for each house and 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were given out.

Each bubble then moved onto the field for a collection of running races. The scores rolled in over the 3 days and rather than our normal presentation on the field we instead enjoyed a whole school zoom where we were able to celebrate all the positives of the amended format as well as reveal the winners.

1st= St Oscar Romero.

2nd=St Bernadette.

3rd=St John Paul.

4th=St Teresa.

A special word of note to the Year 6 children who supported the track events for each Bubble in a Covid safe way. Your assistance and kindness made the whole event possible. A real credit to the school!



Last Friday the sun shone at last and we were able to host our annual Sports Day!

As usual our Year 6 children oversaw our morning rotation. After a light drizzle all 7 classes were able to take part in the morning field activities. Children bounced as many times as they could for 1 minute, threw the javelin, attempted a standing long jump then finally used their accuracy in the bean bag throw. Points were collected and stickers awarded.

In the afternoon a lovely breeze helped keep everyone cool in the sunshine. Sprints, sack races, egg and spoon races, obstacle races, potato races and hurdles were attempted. Each child taking part in the sprints plus 2 events of their choice. The events were then wrapped up with the relays, mini-marathons and finally, everyone's favourite, the toddlers race!

After the points were counted the overall result fell as below.

Overall results:

1st=St John Paul

2nd=St Bernadette

3rd=St Oscar Romero

4th=St Teresa.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to St John Paul for retaining their title.


On Friday 22nd June we held our annual Sports Day!

In the morning Year 6 ran a set of field activities on the playground. These included standing long jump, javelin, speed bounce and beanbag throwing. Points were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for both boys and girls in each class.

After lunch was the main event on the field. In blazing sunshine all 4 teams performed fantastically in front of a busy crowd. We had sprints, egg and spoon races, hurdles, sack races, potato races, obstacle races and then we finished off with the relays before finally the mini-marathon!

Overall results:

1st=St John Paul

2nd=Oscar Romero

Joint 3rd=St Bernadette and St Teresa.

Congratulations to everyone for their effort and for their sportsmanship!


On Friday the twenty third of June St. Bede's did sports day. In the morning I took part in some activities. First I did speed bounce. Then I did javelin. After that I did target throw. Last of all I did long jump. In the afternoon the first race I did was the running race. Next I did the sack race. I was very proud because I came third. It was the best day! Yellow team won.

By Hannah Year 1

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