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Useful links

A few websites you might find useful to help you to prepare for the SATs:

Bitesize has lots of great games to help with spelling, punctuaiton, grammar and maths. 

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This is an excellent website to quiz you on your knowledge of some elements of maths, grammar and lots of other subjects. Please note, some quizzes are only fully available if you are a member. 

Education Quizzes

Use this site to look over spelling and punctuation and then look at the maths and science areas. 

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 This is an excellent website to practise all of the elements of maths we have been looking at in class! 


Don't forget your MyMaths account- I have set you up a revision pack to work through before May. 

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This is an excellent revision source for grammar! It also has a glossary to remind you of what each term means. 


This one will be used in class but you may want to have a look at what is on their to get a head start! 

Finally, this site gives you a little helping hand with all of the subjects and there is some useful information for parents/carers too!


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