15 July 2018

Your homework this week is to enjoy your last week in Year 5!  Please complete by Friday as usual! There are a couple of instruments outstanding please return ASAP!

Mrs Jones

9 July 2018

Homework this week needs to be completed by Friday as children will present their information to the class.

I would like you to think about the role/ job you would ideally choose in Year 6.  For example, house captain, computer in assembly, Road Safety Officer etc.  You need to write why you would like the role etc and you are going to present to the class on Friday.  

2 July 2018

We have been learning lots about angles last week so for homework this week I have set 'My Maths' looking at angles.  Children are more confident with using a protractor than they were when we started looking at this so hopefully they can complete this homework unaided. They also have some spellings to focus on too! 

Tuesday 10 July is our annual 'Peforming Arts' Evening and Y5 are looking forward to sharing their Wider Opps work with you.  It is hoped they can attend.  Please go over 'Uptown Funk' this week and Mambo No5.

Mrs Jones


25 June 2018

What a great musical experience for Y5 last week!  Singing was fantastic and the trip to the Halle was an experience they won't forget.  It was lovely to see the expressions on their faces when the Halle first played!  Fantastic effort from everyone last week!  

Its another busy week this week too.....its National Schools Sports Week and in school we are thinking about 'Healthy Me from head to toe'  There are lots of activities going on this week both in and after school so homework is to design a poster to promote the importance of being healthy from head to toe!   Alot of children are involved in extra curricular activities this week so a poster can be something everyone can find time to complete and I know the children will enjoy this too!

Also dont't forget its Year 5's class assembly on Thursday so hopefully you can join us to celebrate some of the work we have been learning about this term.

Remember its going to be hot sunny week so water bottles, suncream and hats are needed!

Mrs Jones


18 June 2018

We have a busy musical week ahead so there is no formal written homework as children have alot of 'extra' going on!  We ran through the songs today for Northwich Sings today and most are still unsure of the words of 'He can't be stopped', 'Life of Luxury' and 'Friends together Finale' PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO LEARN THEM TONIGHT.

Instructions for tomorrow - children come to school wearing jeans with any t shirt and suitable shoes, nothing too bright in colour.  They need to bring with them a packed tea to eat after the rehearsal, after which they will put on the proper t shirts.  I am proposing we won't take school bags to the Memorial Hall. The children have worked hard and we are looking forward to a great concert!

Thursday - Halle - instruments have been kept in school ready.  They had a fantastic session this morning and again are all excited to play with the Halle.  Hopefully if you are coming you will be entertained again!  A packed lunch is needed in a throw away bag.

Mrs Jones

11 June 2018

Homework this week is three pieces of 'My Maths' on decimals to revise our work we have been covering in class.  Hopefully you have all received the letter regarding our pizza making on Thursday.  If not I have included it as a document at the bottom of the page! 

Also PLEASE PLEASE learn words for Northwich Sings next week as it is clear which songs the children have learnt and some have been very honest and said they haven't learnt them!  It is a lovely evening to celebrate singing in Northwich which I am sure you will enjoy!

Also please check school bags as the office have spent alot of time sorting ticket requests etc and today letters have been sent with 'URGENT' marked on them if you need to take action.  Extra tickets can't be allocated until later on in the week. 

Mrs Jones and Mrs Reed


4 June 2018

I hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunny weather.  Homework this week is not a written task in their red books but still needs alot of work and is really important. On 19th June and 21st June Y5 are taking part in Northwich Sings and a visit to the Halle and will be signing lots of songs!  The children have been given copies of the words last half term but they need to learn them without the sheets AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so  the focus for homework this week is to learn the words. Please can you make sure your child does complete this week even though there is nothing to write down as it will really help with the events, which I hope you are going to be able to watch!

Also please check your child has completed the task below ready for the book swap tomorrow!

Mrs Jones

21 May 2018

We are holding a whole school book swap on Tuesday 5th June. In preparation for this, the children need to choose a book from home to swap on a permanent basis. Homework this week is to complete a review on the book of their choice and then bring it into school with the book on the first Tuesday back after half term. For the children who are in Italy, a copy of the book review sheet is in your tray for Friday. An electronic copy is also available for anybody who wishes to use it (right at the bottom of the page!)

Mrs Reed


14 May 2018

Homework is a learning log for the next two weeks.  Children who are going to Italy please complete some research rather than a complete learning log. After half term we will be learning about 'Other faiths' in RE and we would like the children to produce a learning log on one of the following world religions - Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism.  We have already looked at Judaism in the Autumn term when we visited Manchester so please don't research Judiasm.  I will be with the children visiting Italy when we leave on Friday so Mrs Reed will be in class next week.

Mrs Jones 

8 May 2018

I hope you enjoyed your 'long weekend' and managed to spend some time in the sunshine!  We used last week's homework in our literacy today and children found out some great facts about Chris Hadfield, which they are going to use to help them write a biography.  We also read one of his books 'The Darkest Day'

For homework this week please complete a reading task and work on the spellings that you identified in class this morning. Also lots of work still to learn for Northwich Sings, keep learning! And remember your times tables, division facts too!  Lots to do!

Mrs Jones

30 April 2018

For homework please can you research the astronaut Chris Hadfield.  Please find out facts about him which we will use in school to help us with some work in literacy.  What can you find out?  Please can this be handed in by FRIDAY (due to Bank Holiday)

Mrs Jones

23 April

Happy St George's Day!  There are two parts for homework this week.  Our topic this term is 'Space' and we would like the children to complete a moon diary for the next 28 days (return by 21 May) so they can identify the different phases!  I know some days this will prove difficult due to weather but please try your best.

My Maths this week is linked to fractions which we have looked at in class for a few weeks now.  Most of the homework children should be able to complete on their own. However there is one question which includes multiplying, which we haven't covered yet so please don't try to teach them this, they can just leave the question.  It's only one question on a piece which is so relevant! 

Children were also given spellings to learn last week so please ask your child which words they are learning!

Please keep learning the words of the songs for Northwich Sings and the 'Halle', there are lots but will be worth it!

Mrs Jones


16 April

Hope you have enjoyed your Easter break. We have lots of exciting activities planned for the Summer term in Y5. We will be visiting the Halle in Manchester in June and for homework I would like the children to research the orchestra and in particular the Halle.  They don’t know a lot about it when we discussed it.

 Y5 are also going to be part of ‘Northwich Sings’ in June performing with other primary schools and there are lots of songs to learn.  So as part of their  homework for the next few weeks will be to learn the words, there are lots! Songs will be taught in school but it will be really helpful if children know the words! 

Mrs Jones

19 March 2018

I hope you have all enjoyed hearing about the tales from Glaramara and you have ploughed through the dirty clothes!  I am sure there was plenty of sleep this weekend and I certainly enjoyed sleeping in my own bed! The children were excellent last week and a delight to spend time with, watching them overcome some diffiult challenges!  Well done to you all, what stars!  Hopefully you have looked at the photos on the gallery too! 

Homework for Monday 26 March is to produce a leaflet to promote Glaramara, using Y3 as the audience and purpose to explain to them what its all about when its their turn to visit in Y5! Remember to use adverbs of possibility and modal verbs!  Be creative like we talked about in class.

Y5 have chosen two activities for their Lenten fundraising.....guess the number of sweets in the jar (any donations of sweets would be gratefully received) and can we collect 1kg of copper coins? Hopefully we can raise lots of money to help others...

A small action can mean alot to others!

Mrs Jones




5 March 2018

Homework this week is 'My maths' with further work on areas we have looked at in class.  Also we have been investigating 'Homophones' in our spellings.  Please can you find 10 examples of homophones we haven't found in class.  Write them out and explain the meaning plus learn the spelling too! 

I hope you're all looking forward to our trip to Glaramara.  I can now stay next week, exciting! There's plenty of snow on the mountains...

Mrs Jones

26 February 2018

I hope you all enjoyed your half term break.  Homework this week is a reading task from the inside cover of the homework book.

Please  can you also find the answers to questions we discussed in class today...

Why is the colour purple used in church during Lent? 

What do hot cross buns and pretzels represent at Easter? 

Remember it’s World Book Day on Thursday so please bring the book to school for the character you have chosen.

12 February 2018

We had a great time on Friday at Weaver Hall.  Please check the gallery for photos!

There is no formal homework this week due to the short week with an INSET day on Friday.  I have spoken with the children as they still need to focus on their individual spelling list, times tables - including the inverse and also they have been asked by Wider Opps to learn 'Mr Cool.'  Parents Evening appointments are live this evening, after a slight technical hitch which is now all sorted! 

Mrs Jones

5 February 2018

Homework this week is 'My Maths'.  There are four pieces to complete, two are revision and the other two based on our current learning 'Multiplication'.  You may want to leave the multiplication ones until we have completed more by the end of the week on TU X TU.

Also the children who still have their personal presentation to prepare need to complete this task by next Monday.

We are all looking forward to our trip on Friday to Weaver Hall Musuem, to learn about life in Anglo Saxon and Viking times, just a packed lunch is needed unless you have ordered it from school.

Parents/ Carers, please check your email today as a letter has been sent regarding arrangements for booking a parents evening appointment after half term.

Mrs Jones

2 January 2018

Homework this week is a learning log TO BE HANDED IN BY 5/2/2018.

We have been thinking of endangered species of animals when reading our book 'The Hunter'. For your learning log I would like you to produce a piece of work on an endangered animal that is threatened through hunting/poaching. Please don't research elephants or rhinos as we have looked at aspects of these in class together.  

Remember what should be in learning log and this is two weeks work which should reflect this! 

Remember you should be reading at home and reinforcing your tables with multiplication and division.

Please read our Spring Curriculum letter to see what we are going to be learning this term.  

Also children visiting Glaramara should have given you a letter on Friday with information regarding the visit.

Mrs Jones

15 January 2018

In RE we are looking at 'Inspirational People'.  For homework I have asked the children to research the person who is the leader of their house and what makes them an inspirational person.  They need to write about Saint Teresa, Oscar Romero, St John Paul or St Bernadette.   Please complete on the lined paper sent home.  Also four children have been asked to prepare their personal presentation.

We talked about and watched the launch of the 500 words national writing competition today in class and hopefully some Y5 children have been inspired to enter.  See link for further details.


We held a democratic vote in class last week to elect two children to represent St Bede's at the Northwich Childrens Parliament, where all the primary schools from Northwich will be represented. Niamh and James were elected by their peers, well done!

Mrs Jones



8 January 2018

Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope you all had a wonderful time with your families at Christmas.

I need to clarify that I didn't set any homework over the holiday period but some keen Y5 children mis heard a conversation and prepared their personal presentations.  It's such a busy holiday and fitting in homework is an added problem! We heard their presentations today and were really interesting.  Hope this clears up any confusion!

Homework  - choose a reading task from the inside cover of the homework book.  Please write a title so I know which task you have completed. 

Also please investigate the use of hypens in spellings.  What words can you find with a hypen in?  Can you identify any patterns when hypens are used?  This can also be completed in the red book.

Mrs Jones

18 December

The final week of term is ahead!  Lots of lovely activities planned! Hopefully you can join us in church on Monday at 2pm or 6pm to celebrate with us.  Children in Y5 have been thinking of others during Advent and in particular they have had an Advent partner which is meant to have been a secret!!  Children have asked can they buy a small gift for their partner to share at the end of the week! Hopefully you can help!  Nothing too expensive please!

Christmas Jumper Day is Wednesday with Christmas dinner!

Also on Friday please can you make sure the children bring no bags or lunch bags etc as they will not be coming back to school after church.

Hopefully you can join us in church on Friday 22 December for mass at 1.15pm and children need to be collected at 2.15pm.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January.  

Mrs Jones and Mrs Reed

11 December

We have looked at some great Christmas learning logs today. Well done Y5! I look forward to reading them in more detail when I mark them.

Homework this week is 'My Maths'.  Some children have outstanding pieces from Y5 and other previous year groups. Well done to the children who have completed it all! This is a good activity to do instead of playing on their console or something similiar! Eight children also have a presentation to prepare for next Monday.

Date for the diary - KS2 Carol Service in church at 2pm and 6pm Monday 18th December.  Lots of Y5 have volunteered to read and are playing instruments.

Mrs Jones

27 November 

Your homework is a two week learning log based on the the theme 'How is Christmas celebrated around the world?'  You may also include any traditions that you as a family share that are special but the main focus is to look at customs from around the world.  I have included some photos of previous learning logs and you have a reminder in your books too!  This work is meant to take two weeks and isn't a quick task!  You need to plan your double page spread before you work on it.  Some of the information presented below has flaps with information written underneath but this is hard to photograph!  I look forward to seeing the information you find out about Christmas around the world.  Please hand in by Monday 11 December.

Mrs Jones.

20 November

Homework  - in RE we are looking at Moses and the Ten Commandments.  For homework I would like you to write a newspaper front page of when Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea.  We heard this story when we visited the Jewish Museum in Manchester.  Can you remember the features of a newspaper which you have previously learnt?

Also in maths we are looking at statistics.  Please can you find examples from home of different tables, like the ones we have looked at in class today.  You can bring them into school when you have found them so we can look at them together. 

Four more children have a presentation to prepare for next TUESDAY about a personal interest.  Remember try and make it that you talk about your interest, not read from a piece of paper.

You all have spellings to focus on aswell!

There is a video of Y5 singing their 'Anti bullying' song on the gallery on the website too!  Some children forgot their instruments this morning for Wider Opps.  Please can you help and make sure they are in school for a Monday as the session is first at 9.30am.

Mrs Jones

13 November

Homework this week is a reading task from the front of the red book.  Please write a title so I know which one I am marking.  Also I would like you to write a comic strip for Anti Bullying week (sheet sent home) make it colourful as we can display in school.  Everybody is welcome to our whole school assembly Thursday afternoon for 'Anti Bullying Week'.  Remember you do have spellings and tables to focus on this week too!  

Mrs Jones

7 November

I hope you have enjoyed your half term break! Y5 have had a great first day back working with the poet Paul Delaney.  After our day of poetry, for homework this week please can you write a poem based on the styles we have looked at in class today.  For Monday or before if you have done it!  You need to complete this on paper and you can illustrate it too if you like!  

For example, Mum can I stay off school today? Cows go moo or James Bond....

Be creative and as Paul would say "Use your imagination"

Also over the year all children will need to prepare a 5 minute presentation about a personal interest.  Four children have volunteered to present next Monday, they know who they are!  We look forward to some super speaking and listening!  

Remember you have spellings to focus on too!

Mrs Jones


16 October 

Thank you for all your kind donations for Harvest which will be distributed to Mid Cheshire Foodbank. We hope you enjoyed the celebration. I hope  everyone managed to access their 'My Maths' homework last week!  Some logins had to be re-issued.  Please keep them safe as this will be used throughout Y5!

Homework this week is to complete a learning log on 'The Caribbean ' - to be handed in by Friday 27 October.

Please see the information on the inside cover of the red homework to remind you what a learning log is!  Remember only a double page is to be used, no more!  The trick is to plan your work to think of some creative ideas to include as much information as possible!  No PowerPoints allowed!  Why are we learning about the Caribbean?  After half term we will be learning about 'The Caribbean' in our Art week, so if children have researched the area this will bring lots of knowledge to our sessions!

Please remember to be learning your spellings that you identified in our spelling sessions!  These are important!

Mrs Jones

9 October

I hope you enjoyed our assembly on Friday!  I did,  the children were fantastic and had great ideas to contribute to our theme!  Well done everyone! 

Homework this week is on 'My Maths'.  There are five pieces to complete by next week.  Please don't complete all the pieces in one session, you need to spread throughout the week!  Also please have a go at completing each lesson aswell as completing the task set! 

This homework is expected to be completed and I will check and comment on the work, with house points up for grabs too!  If you have an issue with a computer at home please let me know and your child can access in school during lunchtime. Hopefully you can find your log in from previous years.

Hope you can join us for Harvest in church on Thursday afternoon at 2.15pm.  If you can't please remember that children need to be collected from church at 3.20pm.

Mrs Jones

2 October

Homework books should have been returned by today.  This week please can you make a poster to highlight our spelling rule 'Silent letters'  Can you find any that follow a similar pattern?  Include tips on how children can remember how to spell these words.  Please return by FRIDAY.

Also you need to work on your focus 'times table' that you selected this morning and continue to read and discuss your reading with an adult at home.

We have another busy week ahead including our class assembly on Friday at 2.50pm.  Hopefully you can join us to see what we have been learning this term so far.  Children had a great session in Wider Opps this morning, assembling their instruments for the first time and even trying to play a note!  We look forward to hearing more next week!

Mrs Jones

25 September

Well done to the children who spent time learning their tables and investigating their spelling last week. This was clear in our sessions in school who had completed the task and it is important that this work is also returned to school!  

Homework this week is to be completed in the red book.  Research a volcano anywhere in the world and produce a fact file about the volcano.  You will need this information in school during topic so its important you collate alot of relevant information.  Please don't just print pages off the internet, you need to write the information in your own words so you understand it.  

We have a busy week ahead in class aswell as celebrating European Day of Languages on Tuesday and National Poetry Day on Thursday.  Why not find a poem you like and bring it into school to share?  

Remember to keep reading and recording your books in your diary please.

Mrs Jones

18 September

Homework books should have been handed in by today. I look forward to reading all about exciting time during the summer.  As a school we are continuing to work on standards of presentation and handwriting in all areas of learning.  Please can parents please help with this at home and try to encourage the best! Small things make the difference such as not writing in felt tip pens to name one! 

Homework this week is a spelling focus.  We are looking at the pattern OUGH in class and have been focusing on the different phonemes (sound) this spelling pattern can make.  Find 10-15 words which follow this pattern and sort them according to the sound.  Please return this work to school.  We have been looking at Roman Numerals in maths.  What examples can you find at home? Find some examples.  Hint there are some when you watch the tv (which I know lots of you do!) 

As a result of work today you should have identified a times table for your focus this week.  You need to be able to recite it, say it backwards, say it in random order, write it down but most of all quickly! You will be tested on it! 

Mrs Jones

11 September

Choose an activity you took part in during the summer or somewhere you visited.  Write about what you did and why you enjoyed it so much.  Illustrate your work with drawings or photographs. (I know some of you have been very keen to do this is school!)  I look forward to reading your work!  Remember your presentation! 

Mrs Jones

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