16 October 

Thank you for all your kind donations for Harvest which will be distributed to Mid Cheshire Foodbank. We hope you enjoyed the celebration. I hope  everyone managed to access their 'My Maths' homework last week!  Some logins had to be re-issued.  Please keep them safe as this will be used throughout Y5!

Homework this week is to complete a learning log on 'The Caribbean ' - to be handed in by Friday 27 October.

Please see the information on the inside cover of the red homework to remind you what a learning log is!  Remember only a double page is to be used, no more!  The trick is to plan your work to think of some creative ideas to include as much information as possible!  No PowerPoints allowed!  Why are we learning about the Caribbean?  After half term we will be learning about 'The Caribbean' in our Art week, so if children have researched the area this will bring lots of knowledge to our sessions!

Please remember to be learning your spellings that you identified in our spelling sessions!  These are important!

Mrs Jones

9 October

I hope you enjoyed our assembly on Friday!  I did,  the children were fantastic and had great ideas to contribute to our theme!  Well done everyone! 

Homework this week is on 'My Maths'.  There are five pieces to complete by next week.  Please don't complete all the pieces in one session, you need to spread throughout the week!  Also please have a go at completing each lesson aswell as completing the task set! 

This homework is expected to be completed and I will check and comment on the work, with house points up for grabs too!  If you have an issue with a computer at home please let me know and your child can access in school during lunchtime. Hopefully you can find your log in from previous years.

Hope you can join us for Harvest in church on Thursday afternoon at 2.15pm.  If you can't please remember that children need to be collected from church at 3.20pm.

Mrs Jones

2 October

Homework books should have been returned by today.  This week please can you make a poster to highlight our spelling rule 'Silent letters'  Can you find any that follow a similar pattern?  Include tips on how children can remember how to spell these words.  Please return by FRIDAY.

Also you need to work on your focus 'times table' that you selected this morning and continue to read and discuss your reading with an adult at home.

We have another busy week ahead including our class assembly on Friday at 2.50pm.  Hopefully you can join us to see what we have been learning this term so far.  Children had a great session in Wider Opps this morning, assembling their instruments for the first time and even trying to play a note!  We look forward to hearing more next week!

Mrs Jones

25 September

Well done to the children who spent time learning their tables and investigating their spelling last week. This was clear in our sessions in school who had completed the task and it is important that this work is also returned to school!  

Homework this week is to be completed in the red book.  Research a volcano anywhere in the world and produce a fact file about the volcano.  You will need this information in school during topic so its important you collate alot of relevant information.  Please don't just print pages off the internet, you need to write the information in your own words so you understand it.  

We have a busy week ahead in class aswell as celebrating European Day of Languages on Tuesday and National Poetry Day on Thursday.  Why not find a poem you like and bring it into school to share?  

Remember to keep reading and recording your books in your diary please.

Mrs Jones

18 September

Homework books should have been handed in by today. I look forward to reading all about exciting time during the summer.  As a school we are continuing to work on standards of presentation and handwriting in all areas of learning.  Please can parents please help with this at home and try to encourage the best! Small things make the difference such as not writing in felt tip pens to name one! 

Homework this week is a spelling focus.  We are looking at the pattern OUGH in class and have been focusing on the different phonemes (sound) this spelling pattern can make.  Find 10-15 words which follow this pattern and sort them according to the sound.  Please return this work to school.  We have been looking at Roman Numerals in maths.  What examples can you find at home? Find some examples.  Hint there are some when you watch the tv (which I know lots of you do!) 

As a result of work today you should have identified a times table for your focus this week.  You need to be able to recite it, say it backwards, say it in random order, write it down but most of all quickly! You will be tested on it! 

Mrs Jones

11 September

Choose an activity you took part in during the summer or somewhere you visited.  Write about what you did and why you enjoyed it so much.  Illustrate your work with drawings or photographs. (I know some of you have been very keen to do this is school!)  I look forward to reading your work!  Remember your presentation! 

Mrs Jones

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