Homework 22/10/18                                                                                                                  

Addition code cracker. The children will have a worksheet containing a list of addition questions. Each correct answer will correspond to a letter listed at the top of the sheet. Get them all right to spell out the code word.

Top tip=Get the children to draw the additions using Base 10 or columns to help them work out the answers. Good luck!

Date: 15th October 2018

Spellings: Homophones.

Brake, break, grate, great, eight, ate, weight, wait, son, sun.

Can you find more examples at home?

Times tables: x4. No red book work this week!


Homework 08/10/18                                                                                                                  

Can you research and write a short report about the Stone Age construction, Stone Henge! (You can include information about other Stone Age stone circles too.) Your report can include pictures, diagrams, facts and you can present the work how you would like!


Homework w/c 01/10:-No work in red books this week although if children wish to use them to practice spellings and times-tables in then that is fine.


Spellings= Words using the 'ay' sound using different graphemes. Examples: vein, eight, straight, they, lane. We will look at the different ways this sound can be spelt and practice this in class this week. How many other examples can children find at home?


HOMEWORK 24th September:

Performance Poetry!

Your homework this week is to pick your favourite poem. It can be from anywhere you like. You must:

  1. Write it into your homework book including title and poet’s name.
  2. Learn poem by heart to perform in class!


Homework w/c 17/09:-No work in red books this week although if children wish to use them to practice spellings and times-tables in then that is fine.

Times-tables=x2, x5, x10 recap and revision from Year 2.

Spellings=Prefix 'un' and 'dis'. Examples: unkind, unwell, unzip, dislike, distrust. Can children find more examples at home. Look through reading books and see if any pop out. Get children to consider what adding these prefixes does to the root word.


Homework w/c 10/09:-This task will focus on verb tense and also the childrens use of suffixes which we are discussing in Literacy and Spelling lessons this week. The children will have a set of sentences set on a worksheet and must adapt the tense of each sentence filling in the missing words.

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