Winmarleigh 2016

Date: 30th Jan 2016 @ 1:12pm

We hope you are all busy packing. Looking forward to lots of fun times. Mrs Trigg

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Mrs Trigg and Mrs Meadows wrote:

Hello we have all arrived safely and unpacked our bags. Some rooms are tidier than others! All the children are busy on their first exciting activity. The weather is sunny - Mrs Langton is wearing her sunglasses. We will try and add some photos later.

Ms Conlon wrote:

Glad to hear you all arrived safely and the sun is shining! Keep us posted with all your news and photographs!

Mrs Jones wrote:

The KS2 corridor was very quiet today without you all but Y5 and Y6 know that you will be having a great time. I hope you have enjoyed your first day....hope you all sleep well ready for a busy day tomorrow!

Mrs Reed wrote:

We have had a very exciting day and will soon be getting ready to snuggle down in bed. Check out out our new gallery - we are uploading pictures as fast as the wifi will let us! Another action packed day planned for tomorrow. Goodnight from us all.

Jane Crump wrote:

Hope you all manage to have a good night's sleep, ready for a fun filled day tomorrow! !!

Jeannine Kolodziejski wrote:

Good morning everyone, hope you had a good night's sleep. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKASZ.....have a great day full of exciting activities. From mum,dad and nadzieja πŸ˜πŸ˜„

Michelle lawson wrote:

Hope you are all having a wonderful time and are making lots of great memories.

Lisa Fallon-williams wrote:

Hope you are all having a brilliant time and enjoying the activities.. Pictures look like you are all having so much fun so far xx

Gabrielle Williams wrote:

Hope you're all still having fun despite the miserable weather. It feels like you've been gone for ages! Can't wait to here about all the fun you've had!!

Mrs Trigg wrote:

We have been really lucky so far. No rain this morning. Fingers crossed for this afternoon.

Gabrielle Williams wrote:

Glad you aren't marking the spelling Mrs Trigg!! Hear, not here!!!!!

Mrs Trigg wrote:

Wow another action packed morning. We've had giant swings and zip wires as well as cool Videos and animation. We will try no upload more pictures this evening so keep an eye on our gallery.

Jenny Brown wrote:

Is everyone remembering to change their socks? ! :-)

Emma Bennett wrote:

Wow sound's like you all having lots of fun. Lots of stories to be told when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your time and hope it stays dry for you all.

Clare Brook wrote:

Looks like you are all having a lovely time! Photos are great too!


Looks like you are all having a fabulous time.i hope the teachers are not too tired and managing to keep up with you all. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Thanks for the photos xx

Dawn wrote:

Looks like you are all having a fabulous time. Cannot wait to hear all about your adventures. Thanks a million for the photos x

Jasmine Dykes wrote:

Hope you all are having a good afternoon missing you so much. Looking forward to hearing all about your activities. X

Mrs Trigg wrote:

After birthday celebrations for Lukasz the children are finishing their last activity for the day. I can't say if they all have clean socks on but they all have muddy ones to bring home. The weather stayed fine all day but the rain has set in now. Looking forward to our last day.

Jeannine kolodziejski wrote:

Thank you everyone for celebrating Lukasz's birthday and all the great photos. Enjoy your last day. Safe journey home. Goodnight and god bless xx

Jen Anglim wrote:

Sounds like they are having an amazing time. Hope they are all being good. This house is far to quite without Jack.

kira bennett wrote:

Can't wait till tomorrow to hear all about the trip. Sounds like they are having so much fun. Fingers crossed the rain stops overnight for your last day tomorrow! :)

cymone seymour wrote:

So lovely to see the pictures and all of the children smiling. Hope your having a fab time. Safe journey home tomorrow everyone xx

Mrs Jones wrote:

What a great day it looks like you've had! Impressive climbing on the Jacob's ladder....what did you think about the Giant Swing? Some news from school today......Yr 3 won the best attended class for this week and St John Paul had the most house points! Well done! .....hope you sleep well tonight and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow to hear all about your exciting time away!

Sue Preece wrote:

Loving seeing the pictures and reading the blogs, it looks amazing! Have fun everyone. See you tomorrow xx

Ms Conlon wrote:

Good night, God bless everyone.
You have enjoyed so much in such a short time!
We are all looking forward to hearing about all your achievements tomorrow.
(And that includes the teachers!)

Mrs Trigg wrote:

All packed and ready for an action packed day. Looking forward to telling you all about it later today then sleeping in our own beds. We've had a great time.

Jenny Brown wrote:

John has had a great time and has so many wonderful stories to tell us. Thank you to all the staff for the time and energy they have put into making this adventure happen. Hope you all have a restful weekend.

Mrs Trigg wrote:

Thank you. We all enjoyed watching the children tackle new challenges. Lots of memories made.

Emma Bennett wrote:

Have a great last day. And have a safe journey home. See you all later.

Mrs Hamnett wrote:

Morning everyone. Have a fun morning. We can't wait to hear all your stories later. Have a safe journey. See you soon.

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