Date: 17th Jul 2015 @ 11:27am

Year four Saltscape day


On Monday the 6th of July we learnt about salt. We used malt vinegar on the salt in our science section. We were scientists , detectives too. My group was the fastest working the timeline.  In the afternoon , we worked with a kind lady called Robyn and she was telling us all about  the brilliant day we were going to have on Wednesday the 12th of July and she let us learn about the brilliant outdoors . We had to match the animals to there habitats and write a description about it. Also we made leaves to stick things onto on the outdoors day . Oh … in my group there was Me , Ben , Eliza , Sophie , Matilda and George , and with the matching the animals to the habitat sheet I worked with Scarlett.


                                      By Sam



Anderton Nature Park…

Monday 13th July, spent in the pooring rain..! But anyway, we had a fun day! At…

Chorous (Repeat x2)

ANP! ANP! EVERYBODY! ANP! The woodland, the glade, the meadow, the pond! All there at ANP!


We went: tree spying, bug hunting, flower spotting, pond dipping….

Chorous(Repeat x4)

Oohh, the beautiful petals, we collected to keep, we saw wild strawb’rries and raspb’rries. YUM! But don’t eat!


Chorous(Repeat x8)


By Scarlett




Lion salt works

On Wednesday 15th July year 4 went to the lion salt works. First we went on the park because we were a bit early. Then we met Laura then we split into groups of three and went around the museum ensuring questions. After we went into an old pub the pub owner harry told us lots about salt. He took us around the salt works it was lots of fun harry took us to the pans, stove and the high tec rooms. Then we got to play in the high tec room it was amazing. In the afternoon we got split into groups again this time with Laura and Sarah there was lots of different tables. The tables were getting water out of the bowl, making brine and keeping it, identifying salt and seeing what rock is under Cheshire. Then we got on the bus and went back to school.

By Toby

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