Date: 23rd Oct 2015 @ 4:49pm

We've had great fun in PE this week! Find out why below...



On Thursday the 22nd of October, year six jumped in their time machine and travelled back to the Mayan times where they played the Mayan ball game, pitz…..pitz….. what is pitz? When the Mayans played the game it was basically life or death, if you won you lived but if you lost the captain was sacrificed for the team. As brutal as the game was, Miss Williamson WASN’T going to kill any of us so the losing team had to do a forfeit! BOYS V GIRLS!!!!!!


After doning a little bit of research into the game online, we went outside. First of all we split into little groups to see how we would play. We experimented with lots of different tactics. However we couldn’t use our hands or let the ball hit the floor. If this did happen the ball would go to the other team. Here are some methods of passing that we tried: using our t-shirts, elbows, legs, knees, arms and head.


When we started the game, the two team captains (Dylan and Sophie M) had to go into the middle and the referee - Miss Williamson -  threw the ball high up in the air and the game started.

In the first half nobody scored and as a coincidence, no one scored in the second half either! After that we had a PENALTY SHOOTOUT!!!!!!!!!! No one scored then either so it was forfeit time! Because no one scored, the boys had to sing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen and the girls had to sing ‘whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoopangangnamstyle!!’ It was great fun!


If you ever get the chance to play ‘pitz’, enjoy it. We definitely did!

Posted by Liam and Sophie M




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Finley.Rigg wrote:

That looked really fun I want to try. Were the boys good singers, I bet they were. : )
Did the girls do the dance moves. Did you have a go. I'll say it again it looks really FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cara Brook wrote:

Wow I remember doing this!!! It was so fun, yet so hard! Ha ha makes me giggle at the thought of the whole class trying to get the ball into the net without using their hands... I will definitely try it again- it's sooooo FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sophie Morrin wrote:

So FUN will never forget this PE lesson

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