Our week September 25th!

Date: 30th Sep 2017 @ 12:50pm

Already we are half way through our 1st half-term and the children are now really starting to settle well with the expectations of Year 3.

This week we finished our Cave Baby animal diaries which were written in 1st person, past tense and with a range of conjunctions. The children worked hard to plan and write this piece over a couple of days. We will next be moving onto having a go at writing a Stone Age adventure story. In Science we had our first go at a scientific write-up following our experiment using forces last week. The children used terms such as equipment, method, prediction, conclusion and diagram to detail the experiment and its findings. Our next step will be to look more at magnets and how they operate.

On Thursday we had a fantastic National Poetry Day. The children spent the morning examining the day's theme of 'Freedom'. We heard and watched some poems being read, then tried to understand what freedom meant to us (the majority decision seemed to be freedom=finishing school for the summer holidays!!). The class then wrote a range of poems about freedom using techniques such as repetition and rhyme, as well as using different style such as limericks and acrostic poems.

This week's homework----Spellings=Words with different spelling of the 'ay' sound. Examples: vein, eight, straight, they. How many more examples can you find at home?

Times tables= x4.

Mr Armstrong

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