Our week September 18th!

Date: 24th Sep 2017 @ 11:43am

The highlight of last week has to have been our visit from Tony Whitaker 'The Neolithic Man' on Tuesday. I have posted some pictures from the day on the class webpage. Tony showed us a range of Stone Age tools he had crafted himself and used them to talk us through the development of humans from cave-people to Neolithic farmers. After break we attempted to figure out how Stone Henge was built, had a go at grinding wheat to make Stone Age bread, beaded Stone Age necklaces, and had a better examination of all his pre-historic artefacts. We finished up by having a Neolithic burial, where the children select a range of objects that may be needed by a Stone Age person in the next life.

This week we have plenty more going on. On Tuesday we have a European language afternoon which will involve a range of different activities linked to our languages work. Then Thursday is National Poetry day, so in class we will be discussing the day's theme of 'Freedom' and creating some poetry ourselves. The children's homework below will be linked with this.

This week's homework----Performance Poetry=The children need to pick and write down their favourite poem in their homework books. They then need to learn the poem by heart so they can perform it in class. 

Mr Armstrong

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