Our week-October 17th

Date: 24th Oct 2016 @ 8:35am

Last week the children continued their work around planning a Stone Age game. We are thinking about Cave Baby and what he did the next day! The children have created their own games for him to play and will be detailing their rules and instructions this week. Please ask them about their games and get them to explain them to you as it will assist the detail in their writing.

We also went on a virtual tour of Stone Henge and tried to unpick the mysteries surrounding it. This coming week we will continue our walk through pre-history as we find out about the start of the Bronze Age and the coming of metal!

Next Week: Homework.

Spelling---Homophone=Son, sun, there, their, bare, bear. Can you find more examples?

Times Tables--- x3 and x4.

Homework: Researching a Saint!

Mr Armstrong

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