Our week-November 14th!

Date: 19th Nov 2016 @ 2:54pm

The children have settled back into their routine well after the half-term break. This week we enjoyed doing some work on 'Anti-Bullying Week' around our normal timetable.

The children spent some time debating whether bullies should be punished for their actions, or whether the correct response was to try and help bullies. After some well thought out views on each side, the class finally decided that although it may not always be easy, the best way was to try and help the bullies.

Important in our final decision was considering what Jesus would do. We all agreed that he would want us to show forgiveness and support towards a bully, and ultimately this helped form our decision.

The children also performed a role-play at the school assembly showing how important it is to talk to someone if you are being bullying and not carry that weight on your own.

Next week: Homework.

Spelling pattern to research at home---Prefix 'mis'=mistake, misbehave, misread, misplace, mislead. How many more examples can you find at home?

Times Tables---x4 and x8 revision.

Homework: Division word problems! We will be looking at this work throughout the week so don't worry if this seems tricky on Monday night!

Mr Armstrong

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