Our week November 13th!

Date: 18th Nov 2017 @ 12:44pm

Another week and plenty of exciting events in Year 3. On Monday we returned from break to find the classroom had been overturned by a dragon! Luckily, we haven't seen him or her since but the children have already done some great writing about the incident, and have also found out about real life dragons called Komodo dragons. 

I was very pleased with the children's attitude around our Anti-Bullying week work. Lots of thoughful discussions took place, with a highlight being the positive work the class did celebrating each other's differences. This week was also Parliament week, so on Friday afternoon we learned a little bit about what goes on in the House of Commons before staging our own mini-debate. It was great to hear the children share ideas, and also listen well to each other.

The main event of the coming week will be Open Day on Thursday afternoon. In class we will be continuing with our work on dragons in Literacy, and addition and subraction in Numeracy. 

As a reminder, on Sunday at 1115 in St. Bede's Church is the enrollment mass for the children wishing to start the sacramental programme.

This week's homework----Spellings=Prefixes 'mis' and 're'=rebuild, replay, redo, mistake, misbehave. Can children find more examples at home? Times-tables=x8. No set task in the red book this week. 

Mr Armstrong

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