Our week----June 26th!

Date: 1st Jul 2017 @ 8:21am

As expected our Healthy Me from Head to Toe proved to be an exciting and busy week. On Monday we were able to finally finish off Sports Day from the previous week, with the relays and mini-marathons taking place. As we had been swimming before hand it was definitely an athletic afternoon for the children. 

Throughout the week we also used our RE time to dicsover and learn about another faith. This year we were able to investigate Sikhism. In class the children found our out how the religion came about, and who created it. We then looked at the signs and symbols of Sikhism and investigated their meaning, 

Our Healthy Me activities were split into two parts. First we considered healthy body. To do this we monitored our pulse during a range of activities and analysed our data to see the effect exercise has on our body. The children also used their maths skills to graph this data and set questions on it for their classmates to solve.Our second part was considering healthy mind. This time to talked about what we felt our strongest skills were and split ourselves up as a class with each group haveing a different task. Some children used their maths skills to cost a healthy me classroom upgrade, some created healthy mind role plays, some problems solved about how we could use our woodland area more for learning, and finally some create posters and artwork linked to healthy minds. The children then shared all their ideas with each other in class.

Another treat this week was our Mindfulness workshop on Thursday afternoon, We were treated to a 45 minute yoga and relaxation session in the hall. The children all embraced this new activity and were realy positive in their approach!

Congratulations also to all the children in the class who represented the school at the 'Try it', 'QuickSticks' and 'Tag Rugby' competitions over the week. You all exhibited all the qualities that make St. Bede's brilliant.

Enjoy the summer fair!

Next week: Homework---Spelling=Days and Months--Wednesday, July, August, Friday, December. Can you practice more examples at home? 

Times tables=x3, x4, x8.

Homework: Healthy Me ideas...

Mr Armstrong

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