Our week----July 3rd!

Date: 8th Jul 2017 @ 6:46pm

As we approach our final full week of term (next week), the children had an opportunity this week to see what next year holds for them! On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon the class moved up to Year 4. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to not only meet their new teacher but also to get used to the new surroundings and layout of their new classroom. All the children throughly enjoyed themselves and were complimented on their engagement with the activities and their behaviour.

Well done to the whole class on Tuesday too. Twelve of the children were asked to represent the school at a 'Marvellous Mind' morning involving activities to do with things such as team-building and relaxation. The rest of us spent our morning coming up with information and activities to help the current Year 2 class when they move up next year. 

Next week we are swimming on Monday so please remember kits. Wednesday will provide another chance for the children to have a transition afternoon with some exciting activities planned! On Thursday we will be making our sandwiches, please ask your child for the letter they have written home about this!

Next week: Homework---Spelling=None, as final full week of term. 

Times tables=Again, none as final full week of term.

Homework: Plenty of reading and mymaths is available. Could the children all please bring in a plastic bag this week though so they can take old books home in it. Thanks.

Mr Armstrong

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