Our week----April 24th!

Date: 29th Apr 2017 @ 10:17pm

Another busy week. On Tuesday we enjoyed a visit from Rachael Dodgson who works for the North-West parliament education service. She gave us a talk about what parliament is and how it works. She then guided us through a parliamentry style debate with ourselves and the Year 4 children acting as the government and the opposition!

These debating skills were then on show in class as we considered who was to blame for the death of the sheep in our current text 'The Boy who cried Wolf'. After hearing statements from the shepherd boy and his sheep dog, the wolf, one of the surviving sheep and the village chief we cross-examined each suspect. Ultimately the evidence didn't add up for the village chief who was found guilty of neglecting his duty.

This coming week we have another bank holiday Monday which means no swimming, We do however have a treat on Thursday as a local tennis coach will be coming in that morning to take us for a tennis taster session. Don't forget your PE kits! On Friday will be our class assembly, I hope you can join us to celebrate some of our more exciting learning over the past few months.

Next week: Homework---Spelling=Adding the suffix 'ly' to root words---carefully, slowly, hopefully, silently, happily. How many more examples can you find at home this week? 

Times Tables---x9

Homework: Election idea.

Mr Armstrong

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