Our week----April 17th!

Date: 22nd Apr 2017 @ 4:10pm

Congratulations to all the children for their brilliant attitude and application on our 1st week back. If this can be maintained then we are set to have an amazing final term.

This week saw the start of several new blocks of work. In Literacy we are using the text 'The Boy who cried Wolf'. The children used captions and images from the text to predict what they thought the story may be before finally having it read to them at the end of the week. We will now be using this text as a basis for several pieces of writing over the coming weeks.

The highlight of the week however was our Environment week project. On Tuesday the children debated different ideas that would help the school environment before voting for their favourite. The winning idea was to create a 'Rabbit Cave'. On Wednesday we all designed a Rabbit Cave, before voting again for the winning design. Using this design on Thursday and Friday different teams of children created different sections of the build and eventually it was combined into the final construction. I will add photos shortly but it can presently be seen through the classroom window. Hopefully we can place it in our woods where a rabbit will be able to take advantage of a car/garage, radio, tv, and a beautiful garden amongst other features!

Finally, thank you for all your kind messages and gifts following the arrival of my daughter Phoebe last month. They are all much appreciated!

Next week: Homework---Spelling=Suffix revision---smiling, clapped, useful, careless, hopefully. Children are to use these examples to spot the suffixes and then practice more words that fit these patterns at home. For example smiling=The root word is smile, with the suffix 'ing' added.

Times Tables---x6 and x8 revision.

Homework: Fraction addition/subtraction sheet.

Mr Armstrong

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