Italy 2016

Date: 18th May 2016 @ 2:51pm

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Mrs Jones wrote:

Hope you are all busy packing tonight.....sleep well ready for the busy time ahead in Italy!

Mrs Hamnett wrote:

We all look forward to hearing about your time away!

Caroline Morrin wrote:

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe trip. You will have a super time . Am amazing memory from your primary school. Xx

Katie armstrong wrote:

Hope you al had an safe journey ! Hope you are having fun we are , we have been doing about the olympics. Hope you have fun !

Mrs Jones wrote:

We have landed safely and everyone is fine. Off to meet our host families.

Mrs Jones wrote:

Good morning....we are all at school and it's 8am which means 7am UK time!! Everybody has slept well and had a great evening with their families with lots of gelato and fun! We are spending the day in school learning about life in Italy and this afternoon we are walking around Vittorio Veneto.

Mrs Hamnett wrote:

Morning everyone...have a great day.

Gaynor Stapleton wrote:

Hope you all have an amazing day in the Italian School. Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Mrs Hamnett wrote:

You all look like you are having a lovely time making wonderful things in school today. I love those bats!!!

Caroline Morrin wrote:

Love the photo collages, great to see you all having fun. Good luck in the football match tomorrow. Bring home the cup!! Go St Bedes x

Ms Conlon wrote:

A wonderful sunny day today. The friendship day was enjoyed by everyone. England lost to Italy on penalties - 6-7. The football trophy will not be coming home with us!! Off to the disco now, a lovely way to end another exciting day.

Louise Williams wrote:

You all look like you're having a fantastic time. You're not missing the weather as its raining here !!!
Have a fantastic day tomorrow with your host families and enjoy Venice on Monday.
Look forward to hearing all about your trip !!

Caroline Thornley wrote:

Sounds like you are all having a fabulous time!! Hope you have enjoyed the disco tonight and you have a great day with your families tomorrow. Make the most of the's raining at home again. We can't wait to hear all about your visit when you get home. X

Mrs Jones wrote:

The children have spent today with their families, with lots planned...some were going to the beach, the mountains, swimming and eating ice cream! All had a great time at the disco last night! We are looking forward to a busy day in Venice tomorrow, catching the train at 8.15am. We have lots of photos to upload but don't have wifi until we are back in school on Tuesday.

Mrs White wrote:

It sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. The photos look fantastic. I hope you are having a lovely time in Venice, I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs from there. I'm sure you will all sleep well tonight!

Caroline Morrin wrote:

Hope you are all having a fab day in Venice. Wishing you all a safe journey home tomorrow , looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures xx

Mrs Jones wrote:

We have just left Venice and are on the train home. We have had a wonderful day visiting the famous landmarks and crossing many, many, many bridges! Children have enjoyed spending their euros on lots of souvenirs! We also experienced an Italian thunderstorm! Children are looking forward to spending the last night with their families.

Mrs Hamnett wrote:

Sleep well everyone and have a safe journey home tomorrow. See you all soon!

Sophie Morrin & Scarlett Stapleton wrote:

We are having a blast!! So sad it is the last day😥 But can't wait to see are family😎

Mrs Jones wrote:

We are at school this morning, spending time in the classes. We are all packed up ready to come home this afternoon. The children have had a fantastic time and there are so many highlights that they are excited to share with you tonight! We are looking forward to seeing you all later, hopefully the flight will be on time!

Mrs Jones wrote:

We are on our way to the airport. We are all looking forward to seeing you later and have lots of stories to tell.

Anna Magagnin wrote:

We have a great time!

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