Chester zoo!

Date: 24th Mar 2016 @ 12:19pm

On Thursday 17th March, year six travelled to the amazing Chester Zoo! We jumped out of the coach, filled with excitement, and ran into the glorious world of animals.

I really enjoyed the evolution workshop. Filling in and finding the answers in our workbooks, which told us lots of facts such as that the saddleback turtle extends its neck to reach for food and that the dome shelled turtle can’t. Ed (the education officer) showed us different beaks of birds and what they use them for. It was really fun finding out different things about something I didn’t know.

It was a great day looking at animals, discovering new things, meeting new people andmost importantly, having a wonderful time!

Lucy McGillion


On the 17th of March 2016, year 6 went to the zoo and it was amazing! I learnt lots and lots but the most interesting fact I learnt was that the Okapi was the ancestor to a giraffe. I had a lot of fun! My favourite animals at Chester zoo include: meerkats, butterflies, rhinos and cheetahs. Next time I go to the zoo I would like to go to see the red pandas the tigers and the elephants. That was my day at the zoo. 

                  By Dylan Carney.  


Year 5 and 6’s Chester zoo trip!

On Thursday 17th march, St. Bede’s year 5s and 6s went to Chester zoo. We were all so exited when we stepped our feet on the massive bus. After we strapped ourselves in, the driver started to drive! Here we go! The ride was about 40 minutes. “Finally, we have arrived!” I shouted to Tilly. After we had all been allowed in, year 5 and 6 split off to do their own thing.

We saw lot of friendly animals but my favourites were the painted dogs and the rhino because it pooped when we saw it. All of my class chose an animal that we would like to research at Chester zoo and I chose the chimpanzee.

At half past 11, we started a workshop and our leader was Ed. He told us to get into pairs and OF COURSE I went with Tilly! He then split us up into two groups. Within these groups, we were taught lots about evolution and natural selection. This was a very enjoyable activity.

Finally, lunchtime! As quick as a flash, we all yanked out our lunch and scoffed everything. It was a very sunny day although we chose to eat inside.

Today I learnt that okapis have black and white legs to look like the shadows of the trees to protect them from predators.

This day was really fun and we all learnt lots.



Yesterday on Thursday the 17th of March the whole of year 5 and 6 went on an amazing trip to Chester Zoo .Everyone had a great time but my favourite part of being at the zoo was when we saw the bush dogs and painted dogs.I also really enjoyed when an employee from Chester Zoo taught us about evolution. He also showed us some turtles and frogs and we had to spot the difference .But there is no way I couldn’t mention the the bush dogs and painted dogs .The tiny little bush dogs were a chocolatey brown colour and they were all the size of teacup pigs trotting around with all of their friends.Another thing that caught my eye was the adorable African painted dogs .The painted dogs were similar to a german sheperd. They also had quite thin legs and were very fluffy and had thick fur.      



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