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Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala 2023:

For the first time in 3 years (due to COVID and other limitations) we were finally able to stage our school swimming gala. The event was run at the Memorial Court in Northwich which was a fantastic facility. 

Our event is an inclusive one where we encourage children to take part and be involved, and as a result we were able to run a programme of 43 races features over 70 pupils. Races ranged from Reception 10m freestyle (with floats), all the way up to the UKS2 50m freestyle event. Points and medals were earned for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each race which the overall best house securing the St Bede's Trophy.

Results as follows:

1st=St. Teresa (80 points).

2nd= St. Oscar Romero (65 points).

3rd= St. John Paul (63 points).

4th=St. Bernadette (52 points).

Congratulations to our 2 individual trophy winners who collected the most points personally. For the girls, Gabriella Boardman (14 points) and for the boys Andreu Innes Albaiges (13 points). Both will have their names added to the school shields to commemorate their success. It was lovely to have 3 ex pupils return to support the younger children in the water. Thank you Alexander, Hannah and Edward (who was our previous boy trophy winner 3 years ago!).

Finally, a huge thanks to all parents, staff and children. The event is what it is because of everyone's hard work. Thank you!


Swimming Gala 2020:

It might still feel wintery outside but the pool at the Memorial court was lovely and warm as we took over the site again for our annual school swimming gala.

As usual the event was open to all children who wished to have a go. EYFS and KS1 events were held over 10m with a range of boys and girls races. We then set up the 25m lanes for KS2 to race the longer distance using the full range of strokes. The event was then concluded with the 50m events and a team relay.

Over 60 children competed in 40+ races this year. This even increased on the day with children deciding to have a go at the extra events once their confidence improved.

Results as follows:

1st=St. Oscar Romero.

2nd= St. Bernadette.. 

3rd= St. John Paul 

4th=St. Theresa. 

Congratulations to St. Oscar Romero on the victory! The event came down to the result of the relay so was very close! Also well done to the girls and boys overall winners Constance Scurry and Edward Smalley. Constance won all 5 of her races and Edward won 4 golds and one silver. It was also fabulous to see so many of our newer pupils willing to join in and be part of St. Bede's activities!

Finally, as always, thank you to all the children, parents, staff and volunteers who came along and took part. You make the event what it is!

Swimming Gala 2019:

Despite falling several weeks earlier this year, the annual St. Bede's swimming gala was well attended by both children and supporting families in the crowd. 

Children from the Reception class all the way up to those in Year 6 took part in races over 10m, 25m or 50m using a range of different strokes. All the children were winners as they gave up their time to represent their houses and win points for their team.

We had 70 children in nearly 45 races this year and the event was concluded with the team relay (8 swimmers, 4 boys, 4 girls) over 200m!

Results as follows:

1st= St John Paul. 

2nd= Oscar Romero. 

3rd= St. Bernadette. 

4th=St. Theresa. 

Congratulations to St John Paul on retaining their title! There was only 1 point between 2nd and 3rd which just goes to highlight how vital every child's contribution was. Also well done to the girls and boys overall winners Constance Scurry and Louis McManus, both who won all of the individual races they competed in. There were lots of stand out performances though which bodes well for the upcoming Northwich Swimming gala at which we have been top 3 in the last 2 years!

Finally, another thank you to all the children who came along and took part. You make the event brilliant!

Swimming Gala 2018:

The weather was perfect for our swimming gala this year, with the sunshine adding the occasion despite being indoors! Over sixty children took part in 40+ races from Reception all the way through to Year 6. The effort and fair-play on show was brilliant too.

Overall results:

1st= St John Paul.

2nd= Oscar Romero.

3rd= St. Bernadette.

4th=St. Theresa

Big congratulations to Lana Booth (Y6) and JJ McManus (Y6) who won all 5 of their individual races and were crowned individual girl and boy winning swimmers for the event. See our Twitter feed for photos of our winners!

We now look forward to a successful  Northwich swimming gala this summer.

Swimming Gala 2017:

Each year St. Bede's hold their very own swimming gala to celebrate the swimming talents of all the children here. 

Our swimming gala was held on the 1st April 2017 with a fantastic turnout. Children from Reception to Year 6 took part in a variety of races - competing in their Houses. There was a total of 43 races this year!

The final team positions were as follows:

1st - Blue St. Mother Teresa 

2nd - Yellow Oscar Romero

3rd - Green St. John Paul

4th - Red St. Bernadette


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