Wider Opps

During Year 5, all the children get the opportunity to play a new instrument as part of a class band.

In our band, children can play:

Image result for saxophone   Image result for clarinet   Image result for flute   glockenspiel

              Saxophone                            Clarinet                                    Flute                                 Glockenspeil


Image result for trumpet   Image result for trombone   Image result for euphonium

             Trumpet                          Trombone                             Euphonium


Wider Opps News Blog:


The children's visit to the Halle was a great success. Well done. Next we will be refining our pieces for the Celebration of the Performing Arts Evening on Thursday 13th July. Parents and friends are very welcome at this event. Please look out for letters containing further details.


The children are becoming more confident with their first 3 notes now and have begin to learn 'Hot Cross Buns'. They have been given a sheet with 2 other pieces on which they can have a go at over Christmas. Now the children have music, it is important they all have a folder to keep the music in. This must be brought into school every Monday, along with their instruments. Please note that there WILL be a Wider Opps session on the first day back (9th January 2017) so please remember to bring everything in.

During practices we arrange ourselves into a band. In the gallery below I have added 3 picture of the different sections of our band.


The children have now been given their instruments have hopefully been practicing those first notes over half term. During our next few lessons we shall be putting them together into our first tune! A very exciting time.


Over the past few weeks, the children have been trying out all the instruments and will be making their choices very soon. Once choices have been made, the children will be given a letter of consent for parents or carers to sign and the instruments can go home the following Monday.


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