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The children at St. Bede's school take part in a variety of PE activities. These include dance, gymnastics, games, swimming, judo and orienteering. We welcome a variety of experienced coaches in to our school to support the teachers and develop the skills of our children.

Throughout the year, the children at St. Bede's School have the opportunity to take part in a variety of competitions. Being part of the Vale Royal School Sports Partnership allows the children to meet and compete against schools in our St. Nicholas Cluster and Vale Royal.

These competitions are for students and run by students. The primary school pupils gain experience of playing in a team, and the secondary school pupils (who help to run many of these events) gain experience of leadership and responsibility through leading and officiating.

You will find competitions that the children can take part in in our calendar.

Miss Reid from St Nicholas School comes to visit us and helps us develop our PE skills. Over the year she gets to work with all classes.

Sports Reports

Girl's Football - 5th October 2016

On Wednesday night, Ashleigh, Eliza, Holly, Scarlett, Annabel, Abbi, Sofia, Lucy and Megan were the GIRLS FOOTBALL team winners of the tournament. As we all gathered around Mrs Langton (our coach), we discussed our tactics and our starting formation. As the whistle blew, we stared the match off with excitement. BANG! The match had started and Ashleigh had booted the ball towards Scarlett then passed to Eliza back to Ashleigh. She shot at the goal and BOOM! We all ran over to Ashleigh to celebrate our first goal! At the end of the match we ended up with 4-0 with Ashleigh the captain with 3 goals and Scarlett with 1 goal. What a match that we won.

The next match began. We started off really well with our excellent defenders tackling everyone who came past and booted the ball up the pitch and with a brilliant strike by Ashleigh we scored another goal. The ball got kicked to the defenders again and Holly slipped and BOOM she was on the floor. Scurrying quickly over to her in shock, we took her off. Carrying on with the game we ran up the pitch and the ball was struck to the back of the net, what a goal. The results were in.  It ended up 2-1 to us. What a tournament this had been. We then went over and sat down to find out the results from Mrs Reid -the person who organised it - and she announced the winners. With all of us trembling in fear she said:

“The winners are… St Bede’s!” We all ran over to Mrs Langton and we all shouted “WE WON! YAY!” And found out we were going through to the finals.


High 5 Netball - 9th November 2016

On Wednesday the 9th of October, year 6 attended a netball tournament at St Nicholas Catholic High School. There were some death-defying matches from 5-0 wins to 2-0 loses, since some of the other teams were quite good. As well as this, we came a close second place with St Mary’s beating us at 2-1 on golden goal! And we’re here to tell you all about it…

First up was St Bede’s B winning a massive 4-0 win against St Joseph’s. It was an amazing game. Next was St Bede’s A losing an unfortunate game 2-0 to St Mary’s A as they had great tactics and strategy. After a long wait, St Bede’s B were back on again winning another match smashing St Wilfred’s B 5-0.  Up next were St Bede’s A winning huge 5-2 against St Wilfred A.

As the points rolled in it turned out St Bede’s B were going to the finals with St Marys! The first goal came from the opposing team-St Marys just before quarter time. The next two quarters there were no goals, and then in the last minutes St Bede’s SCORED!!! The game was done but there could only be one winner. So, it came to the first goal wins.  Sadly, Mary’s scored and the game was over but we had an amazing experience and can’t wait to play again!  


Sportshall Athletics - 11th January 2017

A team of 24 children took part in this event. Competiting in both track and field events, the children showed great sporting ability. Our overall placing was 2nd with a total of 122 points. However, we had some children that finished as overall winners:

Speed Bounce - Honor - 54 jumps

Chest Push - Ben & Toby - 7m

Javelin - Haydn - 22m

Well done!

Quicksticks Hockey - 25th January 2016

The children did really well this afternoon and behaviour, as always, was impeccable. The two teams were split into two pools and played 3 games each.

The year 5s games went as follows:

1:1 v St Mary's 

0:0 v St. Wilfrid's 

0:1 v St Joseph's

The year 6 games went as follows:

1:0 v St. Wilfrid's 

0:0 v St. Joseph's 

0:1 v St. Wilfrid's 

Year 6 got through to the semi-finals on goal difference (coming 2nd in their pool) but lost 0:1 to St. Wilfrid's 1. The tournament was won by St. Joseph's 1 who beat St. Wilfrid's 1 2:0 in the final. Miss Reid said the overall standard of the Hockey was superb with some really good skills and play.

Cross Country - 8th February 2017

A team of athletes from Years 3 - 6 took part in a cross country competition at St Nicholas High School. The standard was fantastic! Our top four girls were placed 1st, 2nd, 5th and 14th.Our top four boys were placed 3rd, 10th, 13th and 24th. With our combined total of 72 points we finished in second place overall. We have now been invited to take place in the Level 2 cross country competition in the Summer term.

Dodgeball - 3rd May 2017

A fantastic team of 8 year 5 and 6 children took part in a dodgeball competition at St Nicholas Catholic High School. Together, they showed fantastic team work and determination! They missed out on getting to the semi-finals by only a few points, drawing or winning all but 1 game.

Kwik Cricket - 24th May 2017

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