Orienteering Marbury Park

On the 16th of May 2017, a few children from Year Five and Year Six went to an orienteering competition at Marbury Park. When we arrived we all sat down whilst Mrs Jones and Mrs Hamnett announced the groups that we were in. When we found out our groups, we went over to the starting point and someone told us the rules of the game. We had to wait for a bit as there were some other groups before us. Eventually it was our turn; we grabbed our maps to get a brief idea of what the course looked like, then the air horn blew and off we went round the course. The course was extremely large and the map was very hard to read as we had never done the course before the event. We were told that we had 15 minutes to solve all 25 cards. When we only had 5 minutes left the air horn blew twice and we rushed around trying to get the rest of the cards. When we had finished and we all got back to the start line, we gave our maps and answers in. Exhausted and covered in mud (as it had been raining before we started and made the field slushy), we all grabbed our drinks and headed towards the coach to start our journey back to school.

What an amazing and tiring day it had been!

Well done Honor, Ashleigh, Eliza, Jenson, Toby, Haydn, Charlie B, Sullivan, Samuel W, Ellie, Matilda, Martha, Lucy, Katie, Annabel, Fin, Ben and George, for taking part in this competition.



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