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There are a wide variety of books available in the year six classroom of all genres and levels of challenge. Children experience a range of reading opportunities including one to one, small group and whole class.  During the week there are lots of opportunities to read but it is also expected that they spend time throughout the week at home reading independently or with an adult.   

Times Tables Rock Stars

It is important that children access this at home on a regular basis still as times tables are essential to all our maths work this year.  So please if not been set as homework please remember to access at home!

4 January 2021

Happy New Year to you all!  Homework is a task set on Teams (which has been talked about in class today) .  This is quite a length piece of work so have allowed two weeks for this work.  Also My Maths has been set to be completed this week.

Mrs Jones and Mrs Reed

7 December

Homework is on Teams again - children are becoming more familiar with this now and that's great.  Thank you for your help at home with this.  This week there is a reading comprehension linked to an advert which features on the tv at the moment!  Plus remember to build your stable and send in a photo....we need to cover our classroom door with all the lovely images for the end of term!

Mrs Jones

30 November

Please check Teams - a piece has been set to complete.  Also parents watch out for the arrival of a special stone later this week.  As we start the season of Advent we would like you to build a nativity scene for this special stone and send us a photo.  Remember there is also TTRS and Spelling Shed that can be accessed.

Mrs Jones


23 November

Homework is one more task from your grid in your homework book.  This book should be handed in by next Monday at the latest with four pieces completed.

You should have given your parents your letter with the information on regarding Microsoft Teams.  I have a set a piece of homework on Teams and hopefully you can all access easily and 'turn in'.  Please ask if you are unsure.

Mrs Jones


16 November

Complete one task from the grid in your homework book.  My Maths has been set linked to fractions and also there are some outstanding pieces from last time this was set.  Please complete this week aswell if this applies to you.  Also please access TTRS as much as possible as when looking at the data some of you are only accessing in school and you need to be doing this at home aswell.

9 November

Complete a task from the grid set last week.  Online SPAG and Spelling Shed has been set. Remember to access TTRS too!

Mrs Jones

2 November

Hope you had a good half term break.  Children have been given a new homework grid today based on some science learning and the same format will follow as last term.  One task to be completed per week along with other pieces listed on our class page here.  There needs to be four pieces completed and handed in by Monday 30 November.  There will be some other pieces of homework set for December.  

My Maths has been set for this week plus please remember to access TTRS as often as you can.

Mrs Jones


19 October

Homework - a task from the red book - please remember to return your red book this week so your WW2 homework can be marked.

A task has been set on SPAG.com and the last three chapters have been set on Purple Mash to finish reading the book.  Remember to answer the quizzes.

Mrs Jones

12 October

Homework  - a task from the red homework book

Read the next two chapters of the ook on Purple Mash , answer the quizzes and complete the task. Also some revision work on multiplication (written methods) on My Maths.

Mrs Jones

5 October


  • a task from your red book (remember one per week) 
  • a reading task on Purple Mash - read the two chapters and answer the quizzes on the chapters. 
  • TTRS - please can you access at home as often as you can, everyday for just 10 minutes would be great!   We have looked at the data and lots of you are not going on at home and the speed you are answering the questions is too slow, for the majority of you!  Times Tables are crucial to our learning in Y6. 
  • October is Black History month, if you are looking for further learning at home who can you find out about who interests you! 

Mrs Jones 

28 September

Homework is a task from your red book (remember one per week).  In addition 'My Maths' has been set and SPAG.com.  (Spag is a task called adverbs of probability - these are the same as adverbs of possibility)  Have a look at your 'My Maths' from previous weeks as I have awarded house points, check and remember to add to the chart in class!  I have also extended the date on Spelling Shed as there was a technological issue last week so please make sure you go on!  There are still outstanding pieces of online homework on My Maths and SPAG.com. Please check you have completed all the work set in Y6.  On My Maths you may need to scroll through the pages of work set from previous year groups until you get to the Y6 work - maybe you could have a go at the work from Y5 too, good revison!  We will be using online platforms alot for homework and it is expected that you complete the work.  Please get in touch if you have issues with accessing at home. (email on the front page)

Also a reminder that on PE days it is important that you have your PE shorts either underneath your joggers or bring your shorts to school to change if you don't want to wear them underneath.  If PE takes place in the hall due to inclement weather you will be too warm in your joggers.  Also please if possible a school jumper is the ideal on PE days with dark bottoms.

Mrs Jones



21 September

Homework is a task from your red book.  In addition SPAG.com and Spelling Shed has been set.  Remember also to read at least three times a week and visit TTRS!  Please make sure you complete all your online homework that has been set as there are some pieces that are outstanding from last week.  If you have any problems with the online platforms please let me know.

Mrs Jones

Homework 14 September 2020

Please see email sent yesterday explaining the homework for this half term - to be completed in the red book but not returned until the last week of this half term.

This week Spelling Shed and My Maths has also been set online to be completed by next Monday.

Mrs Jones


Homework  - 7 September 2020

A task has been set on SPAG.com and also please can you log onto TTRS and take part in a GIG as this will see how well you can rememebr your tables.  Hope you have the passwords handy! 

"Who are you?"  write a piece of work about yourself  - include where does your name come from?  Do you know why you were called your Christian name?  What are your interests  and anything else you may like me to know. Also where does your surname come from?  Please ask an adult to email this piece of work back to me by next Monday 14/9/2020

Mrs Jones




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