Homework is now on a two weekly cycle. Week one will consist of red book homework, which will be given out on Monday and is due in the following Monday. Week two homework will consist of spelling and MyMaths work and due dates will vary. Please let me know if you need your child's login details for MyMaths and I will record them in their diary.  

Your child will record all homework in their homework diary as well as due dates for each piece. Tasks will be updated on this page as well. If they are finding the task difficult, do not hesitate to get in touch and I will go though it with them. They are also encouraged to read a range of text types and record these on their reading log sheet at the back of their diary. 

Autumn 1

Week 6 - GPS

Due Monday 23rd October.

We will be starting presentations this week so keep practising so that you are ready! I'm looking forward to listening to them! 

On Monday 16th October you received your Spag.com login. A test has been set up fo you to complete. This is an initial assessment and is just to see what you know and what you need a bit more practise with. Try and complete it by yourself, it is important that I know what you know. It will take at least 45 minutes for you to complete. If you want to do it in parts, complete up to the question you want to, click next and then click pause on the side panel. A box will pop up asking whether you want to finish the test later or now. Click later and log out. When you log back in there should be a link to 'resume test' and you can pick up where you left off. 

Don't forget to keep recording your reading books in your diary and try and read something new - it might be something you spot at the book fair! 

Why not log onto MyMaths and play some of the games. If you don't have time at home, join me on Wednesday at lunchtime for MyMaths club! 

Week 5 - Red book 

Speaking and listening preparation: Due Monday 16th. 

From the 16th October, we will begin class presentations. 2-3 people will deliver their presentations a day and hopefully, we will get through everyone before the end of the half term. Each member of the class will be asked to deliver a presentation of no less than 2 minutes and no more than 5 minutes explaining their 'Pet Peeve'. You need to make sure that you speak in a loud, clear voice, engage the audience and are able to answer questions confidently at the end of your presentation. You may use props/ICT to support your work but you must speak for the majority of your presentation time. 

I ask that you spend time this week preparing your presenation - recording notes on prompt cards/getting props together and therefore there may not be much to record in your red book. However, I do expect to see notes/prompt cards kept safe in an envelope/wallet in your book, to show how you have prepared for it, as we have discussed in class. 

Have fun and I look forward to hearing your presentations! 

As I said in class, make sure that your homework book is in school EVERYDAY as you will need it for your English work this week. 

Also, spend some time practising the grammar we have been looking at over the past few weeks. You can find games to help you to practise punctuation and sentence structure here

Week 4 

Spelling DUE FRIDAY 6th OCTOBER: This week we are looking at what happens to words ending in fer when a suffix that begins with a vowel is added (e.g. prefer à preference/preferred/preferring). In our lesson on Monday we learnt the rules that help us to remember when the r needs to be doubled. Use these rules to complete the spelling sheet 'Would you prefer a double 'r'?' that has been stuck into your spelling books. 

Maths DUE MONDAY 9th OCTOBER: MyMaths homework is set up. Those who still haven't completed the last pieces set will have to catch up. Remember, MyMaths club is on Wednesday at dinner time if you cannot do it at home. 

Week 3 Red book homework: Due in Monday 2nd October

In a couple of weeks we will be writing a hybrid text in our Literacy lesson about an animal that is close to extinction. This week, you will need to choose an animal that is close to extinction that you would like to research and collect information about it ready for our lesson. It CANNOT be a tiger, rhinoceros or a vulture. You will need to know general facts about it including the following points: 

  • a description of the animal and adaptations it has,
  • the number of species of that animal there are and their names (including scientific),
  • where it lives,
  • which species of that animal is under threat (e.g. there are five species of rhino and white rhinos are recovering from near extinction) and the level of threat - e.g. vulnerable 
  • why the animal is extinct or nearly extinct
  • how conservation efforts could help it.

You may wish to do some artwork of the animal and record the information you find around it. Remember to take time and care with your presentation, it should be more than just a list of facts. 

Additional homework: If you can, please bring in a family photo/pictures of your parents for our Science lesson on Wednesday 27th September. We will be looking at inheritance and what you have inherited from your parents! 

Remember to keep recording the books you are reading on your log sheet at the back of your diary and make sure you are reading a range of text types. This Thursday is poetry day. Why not pick up a poetry book and find a favourite poem that you can share with the class. 

Week 2 - Self guided study 

Maths - Due Monday 25th 

Two pieces of MyMaths homework are set up and are both revision of the work we have been doing in class. 

Spellings - Due Friday 22nd 

Self guided. You need your spelling journal and to look over the year 3/4 word list to identify ten words you need to practise. Use look, cover, check and other strategies to help you to learn them ready for a peer test on Friday. 

Week 1 Red book homework: Due in Monday 18th September

I want to get to know what makes you… YOU!

Using no more than 2 pages of your homework book, decorate and write about yourself in as much detail as possible. You can use these prompts to help you, answering in as much detail as possible or think of your own ideas to write about:

  • What are your passions?
  • Who is in your family?
  • What lessons do you love at school? Why?
  • What lessons do you not like so much? Why?
  • What is your absolute favourite food?
  • What special skills do you have? When do you get to use them?
  • What teams or clubs are you part of?
  • Where is the most exciting place you have visited?
  • What languages do you speak at home?
  • What helps you to learn new things? Do you like to read things, play games or listen to others to learn about them?

Be as creative as you can and write neatly in black ink. Colour any pictures in pencil crayon. I look forward to reading all about you!

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