Healthy Me - From Head To Toe

Monday 22nd June 

This morning Steve came to visit year 1. He taught us how to have a healthy lifestyle. We need to PLAY, LEARN, be  ACTIVE  and eat NUTRIENTS. We thought about having a balanced diet and what foods we need to eat. Next, we went outside and learnt how to hold and pass a rugby ball correctly. We played lots of passing games and tried to get 5 passes without dropping the ball.

In year 4 Steve also came to visit us. We discussed what it meant to have a 'Healthy Lifestyle' and each group decided what the most important aspect of a 'Healthy Lifestyle' was. Our shortlist included; love, like, variety of drink and food, and education. Surprisingly, exercise didn't make it into the shortlist, although it was discussed at length! We then went outside and had a competetive game of Rugby in small teams-the children were definitely keeping fit!

During Steve's visit to Year 3 we learned about PLAN, play, learn, active, nutrition! We discussed how these fitted into our lives and why each one was important. After much discussion the children agreed that a good balance of each was necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We also did some rugby maths adding up different teams scores then looking at how this affected a league table. Outside everyone enjoyed the variety of rugby activities we took part in and showed off good teamwork and communication skills in the sun!


Tuesday, St Bede’s brought the sun to their eventful sporting day!

23rd of June was a fabulous day at St Bede’s Primary School, as their annual sports day was held in place. With a cheering crowd and 4 competitive teams, this event caused excitement and anticipation throughout the school. Both red, green, blue and yellow raced their socks of making the competition very close. Patrick (year reception) said ‘The running race was very fast.’ We think fast is an understatement!

Sports day isn’t just for a couple of hours you know- St Bede’s Primary School spent all day participating in different activities. Javelin, speed bounce, long jump, you name it! The competition was harsh. Angus in year six stated ‘I am expecting to see some specific children in the future Olympic Games.’

The afternoon was just as exhausting as the morning! One minute setting up obstacle the next we were running the relay. Red were in the lead, then green, then yellow! No one could keep up!

Ms Conlon steeped onto the podium, cup in hand, and let the tense build up. Ribbon after ribbon was pulled off until …….

Green was announced the winner!

By Jenny and Angus



Reception have had the opportunity today to taste lots of different fruits. They have made their own healthy fruit kebabs. Yum!

Year 1 have been carrying out an investigation today. They found where their pulse was and measured their heart rate after different excercises. They were very intrigued to find out how fast their heart beats after running. It was very fast!

Year 4 had their second slot today with Mr Riddlestone. They learnt all about the rules, scoring and league table of the Rugby Union. Then they went outside to practise their passing, intercepting and team work skills in group rugby games. The children learnt that teamwork was the most important skill they needed to win a game! The children also wrote instructions to make their healthy snack they had designed and created advertising posters to promote their product. Most healthy snack designs did however contain a small amount of chocolate, but the children insisted that there was only a small amount of sugar!



Year six have enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing morning taking part in some meditation activities. We have listened to the wise words of an experienced Buddhist monk and settled into a calm state of relaxation, listening to some gentle music. Some of us even nearly fell asleep!

Year six football team competed in a tournament at Hartford High School. On this occasion we didn't win but everyone played superbly and with excellent team spirit. A good time was had by all!

Year Five enjoyed a fast-paced Starting XV session with Steve, who was teaching us all about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and staying active.  We also practiced our rugby skills, passing and receiving the ball and thinking carefully about our game tactics.

Later on after school, Year Five entered the Duathlon event at Hartford High School.  Their support for each other was fantastic, and they all enjoyed competing against the other local teams.  Well done, Year Five!


This morning, Reception and Year 1 walked to Thorn Wood. We looked for different types of leaves. We heard different birds. We found different types of butterflies. We saw slugs, snails and caterpillars. It rained a little bit but we still enjoyed it!

By Corey and Helena


Year six have taken part in some basic first aid this afternoon and have learnt some important skills that could help them to save a life! Well done year six!

Friday 26 June

'In year 4, on Friday 26th June, we did lots of fun activities. First we showed and recorded each others adverts for our healthy snacks. We also voted for our top three favourite products. Then we shared our USP’s (Unique Selling Point!).'

Year 3 made some healthy sandwich snacks on Friday. Yummy!

Year Five also enjoyed their second Starting XV session with Steve, thinking again about Healthy Lifestyles and staying active.  Later on in the day, they also had their first Playground Leadership session, which was very popular.  It has really whetted their appetite to learn more about organising and running games during break-times next year, and they can't wait for their next session.


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