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Hello and welcome to our ELSA 2021 lockdown page.

*Updated March 2021*

We can't wait to welcome all our children back into school on the 8th March. Whilst this is a happy time for all of us, we recognise this may cause some feelings of anxiety in your child that they may need some support with. Please take a look at the following social story we think you might find it is a useful resource to read with them. 

We hope you like it and it helps you answer some of the anxieties they may be experiencing.

Take Care

Mrs Parker and Mrs Hamnett



January 2021

To help support your child understand why we are staying at home, we've attached a variety of resources on this web site page.  One we particularly recommend is,  'The Stay Home Superheroes' video which is attached, created by Sophie's Stories.

Please double click on the image to view. 


How to explain Corona to children | Stay Home Superheroes Animation |  Parenting during Covid-19 - YouTube








Our names are Mrs Hamnett and Mrs Parker and we are the Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) at St. Bede's. On this page we will share information about Emotional Literacy Support. We aim to post ideas and useful advice on how you can help support your child in areas such as empathy, self esteem, recognising & managing emotions, friendship, loss & bereavement. You could even pick up some really helpful tips about calming techniques for anxiety or anger management.


Since March, we have all been staying safe helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Unfortunately we have gone into lockdown again, however our school remains open for Key Worker children. We added some resources in March to help support you and your child through this period, most of which still apply today.

We will add additional reources to support you and your child through this time.


Please click on the pictures below to access the social stories.



30 different wellbeing prompts to help support your childs wellbeing and keep them busy throughout June.

Click on the following picture to access the 5 day 'Kindness to yourself' challenge.

Complete the following wellbeing diary to show how amazing you are.

We are both missing and thinking about you so here's a big virtual hug and a high five. Stay safe everyone.



Childrens social stories to explain the Coronavirus.

Click on a picture to access the social story.





The Little Elf who missed his Birthday Party

Click here for a therapeutic story to support primary-age children in exploring strong emotions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.




How to look after your health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak.




14 day Self Isolation Challenges

Click here for the 14 day Home Challenge. When the challenge opens click on the blue title to access each activity.

Click here for the 14 day Home Challenge part 2.


Calming Stategies

Children have worries and of course they should always talk to you if they are feeling a bit worried about something.  It is also good to encourage children to try and cope with their worries too. Sometimes distraction can be amazingly powerful.

These are little tear off/cut off strips with suggestions on what to do. If they are finding their minds are worrying a lot then encourage them to try one of the activities. In time they may just do that themselves and start feeling a whole lot better.



Click on the picture links below for some more useful guidance on helping your child overcome anxieties.






A photo challenge for you or/and the children.

Each day you are prompted to take a photograph. This will help to create a positive attitude and also give a purpose or focus to the day. All photos can be taken in your house, your garden, your yard or during your daily exercise.

Photo challenge part 2






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